Q: Who are you?

A: We're a group of Computer Science and Software Engineering students from McMaster University. Together with Dr. Anand, we run McMaster Outreach.

Q: Where do you run tutorials?

A: We visit to and run tutorials at schools and community centres in the GTA. Additionally, we host teachers and students on our campus!

Q: How can I sign my class up?

A: Send us a message at mcmasteroutreach@gmail.com! We'd love to get you started!

Q: I'm a parent, how can I get my child enrolled?

A: Let your child's teachers know about us! Also, if you know other parents that are interested, and we may be able to host your children as well as their friends at McMaster!

Q: How much do lessons cost?

A: Our lessons are absolutly free!

Q: What age groups do you teach?

A: We generally teach kids in elementary or middle school, however we're open to providing more advanced lessons for high school students!